Vitaly Buchatsky


After drawing hundreds of thousands of parents to on his Facebook page "How to Raise Happy Kids," Vitaly Buchatsky published his first book, which sold more than 10,000 Less than a Year. A great achievement for a book that is set to become a best-seller.


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bestsellers by the author:

1: 'How to Raise Happy Kids'

The first book by the engineer from Israel who became the "guru" of hundreds of thousands of parents across social networks.

"How to Raise Happy Kids", is a practical guide book for parents, offering  advice, examples and exercises, on how to empower children to realize their own unique qualities and achieve their goals and dreams in a creative and fun way. Written as a ‘coffee-table’ book readers need not go through the book from beginning to end, rather they can flip through and pick up tips on any page.

"How to Raise Happy Kids" is written in a simple, straightforward style, from one parent to another and without trying to educate. It also includes material that can help parents and children cope with everyday challenges.
Based on the idea that you shouldn’t “educate” your children, as they will turn out to be just like you anyway, but rather educate yourself to set a personal example, the book can serve as a basis for initiating behavioral change between parents, and between parents and their children.

His book became #1 besteller on amazon in the category of Discipline and Parent Participation.