Na'ama Sacagiu-Naor

Naama Sacagiu-Naor is a personal trainer, graphic designer, writer and photographer by profession, and the master mind behind the "four keys" model to breakthrough in life. 

Naama was born into a challenging reality of an Israeli 1970's Kibbutz, where she was programmed to become an introverted and frightened girl who had lost her path right from the very beginning of her life.

After becoming a mother of two, Fibromyalgia had struck her body, leading her to embark a journey of exploration, searching for new ways of coping. Her moving journey had become one of personal fulfilment and breakthrough, giving life to a new woman, stronger than before and fully inspired, who had established a successful and groundbreaking business with her own two hands.

Noadays, Naama accompanies individuals and businesse owners towards a personal and professional breakthrough, and helps them to adopt a working lifestyle that is based on passion and fulfilment.

Fish too can do the Samba is the first release in a series of books on self-growth and development.

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1: 'Fish Can Samba Too'

This book is an invitation to initiate a meaningful breakthrough in your personal and professional life, and to live fully out of fulfillment and self-realization.

What motivates a person to get up in the morning to a challenging business routine?

Would a rewarding income be sufficient to create a feeling of happiness and self-satisfaction?

Would an academic degree or a solid profession be enough to guarantee success?

What is success anyway, and how do you even measure it?


Had we lived in utopia, we would experience perpetual fulfillment and satisfaction. We would know how to tune ourselves into a place of total contentment, where self-expression and self-realization would grow naturally on all realms of our lives. 

In the real world, however, things look slightly different. Millions of people are circling around a central axis of self-search, attempting to find that inner precision that makes life fuller and more satisfying.

Fish can Samba Too exposes its readers to four powerful keys for launching your unique path of self growth and development, both in your personal life and in business. Using these "four keys", you could become a better, happier and more successful version of yourself.

This book reveals the fascinating journey of the writer towards fulfilment, and provides a set of professional tools that open an opportunity to dare and choose change. Start your journey towards fulfilment and create a life path that's accurate for your own breakthrough.