Ophir Akiva


  • CEO Duna - Natural Leadership Center
  • Led tens of thousands of people, from all over the world, in lectures and workshops.
  • Rescue officer, commanding real-time situations in war and disaster zones.
  • Survival Guide, grown in the Negev desert and lived within a Bedouin tribe
  • Explorer – traveling the world includes a Sahara camel journey  and Namibian wildlife
  • Extreme Sports fan - skydiving, diving with sharks, bungee jumping, abseiling ...
  • Author of bestseller and best method on the recommendation of Presidents Peres and Rivlin.
  • Academic BSc at business, pro. Licensed tour guide &  personal coach for setting and achieving goals.
  • Ophir's mission to inspire people to greatness with the help of ancient wisdom.
  • Father to Uri and Hila, married to Michal with love and joy.

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bestsellers by the author:

1: 'Holy Land - Secret Success'

You are a divine person that deserve to achieve your destiny.

  • Wish to get more wealth, health, love and joy?
  • Nature and bible – gives us the most accrued and practical tools.
  • This book will take you step by step on your way to success.
  • My promise: if you will do only 10% of that wisdom - your life will improve a lot

"Dear Ophir
The potential hidden inside every man is so great,
Your book aid in discovering and empowering to walk in the best way possible. I wish you success with your book and initiatives."

Shimon Peres, president of Israel.