Shoshana Donaya

Shoshana Donaya is a spiritual teacher, a leader in the field of Channelling and Energetic Healing. She has developed unique therapeutic methods for the diagnosis and release of ancient obstructions. She has published three books about awareness and healing. Shoshana has taken spiritual journeys, healing and opening energetic channels around the world.


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books by the author:

1: 'Stones of Wisdom - The Word of the Creator'

Humanity moves collectively towards a new awareness. People with a developed consciousness will become capable of shaping reality on Earth!

The book "Stones of Wisdom - The Word of the Creator" entwines story with knowledge, enabling us to modify our subconscious and open channels of communication with the collective subconscious.

We have the power to reprogram our belief system and to change what we physically create in our lives. This process is done simply and accurately by using the right words and energy with higher and more precise frequencies.

2: 'Healing with the Archangel Michael'

If you are feeling stuck in your life and you are experiencing problems with your health or your relationships then this book is intended for you.

This book will help you, to take charge of your life, to heal yourself and to change your reality.

Our body and soul are part of a complete energetic and spiritual system. When we experience pain, feelings of fear and anger rob our energy and the system goes out of balance. These events create blockages in the body, causing illness, physical and emotional fatigue, and reduced self-confidence; we lose parts of our soul. These experiences are lessons, containing profound insights. When we understand these insights, we experience personal growth.

How is healing done?

This book brings you practical and energetic tools, insights and ways of doing things, that will enable you to break through the barriers which have blocked you for years, and bring great light into your life, your body, your spirit and your soul.

In the healing process, we release fear and anger and the insights become clear. As a result, we experience an increase in frequency, enabling us to merge with our soul energy and bring light into our life.