Dr. Yaniv Zaid - "Dr. Persuasion"

His calling in life is to improve people’s presentation, marketing and persuasion capabilities

An international expert in the field of persuasion.

Since 2003 Dr. Zaid  has been a highly sought after consultant and lecturer * He is a lawyer and an economist and holds a PhD.

Dr. Zaid has given over 1,650 lectures and workshops in 4 continents. 

Provided personal and business consulting services to over 850 companies and businesses in all fields (including banks, insurance companies and financial institutions, communication, cosmetics and pharmaceutical companies, high-tech and real estate companies, factories and product manufacturers, consulting and service companies, academic institutions, government ministries, the security industry, healthcare providers, nonprofit organizations and professional bureaus).

Dr. Yaniv Zaid has won 3rd place in the world championship for individual speakers.

Participated in the semi-finals of the European championship for group speakers.

His international books, "Persuade and Influence any Audience" and "The Jewish Persuasion", have been bestsellers on Amazon since 2012.

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bestsellers by the author:

1: 'The Jewish Persuasion'

What makes Jews the most business savvy and most successful minority in every country?

How has the little State of Israel become a “Start-Up Nation” and the largest start-up company exporter in the world?

What are the tools that all Jewish businesspeople live by that allow them to get higher prices for their products and services, even in a “saturated” market?

How are Jews able to think creatively all the time, even in a competitive market?

How can you create a community that continues to grow around you, and how can you “educate” its members to buy from you rather than from your competitors?

How can you market and sell differently and more effectively than the rest of your market?

In the sequel to his bestseller, Persuade and Influence Any Audience, Attorney Dr. Yaniv Zaid (“Dr. Persuasion”), an international expert in the field of persuasion and one of the most experienced and fascinating speakers in the world, reveals the most innovative and effective tools for increasing your income, building your professional authority, creating and maintaining a community of customers, engaging in creative marketing and maximizing sales – tools that have been used by Jewish businesspeople ever since the time of Abraham.

Dr. Zaid has delivered over 1,650 lectures and has held workshops in four continents. He has provided personal and business consulting services to over 570 companies and businesses, in all fields. Over 400,000 people have seen him on his YouTube channel and he won third place in the world championship for individual speakers in 2003. With all this experience and with an array of bestselling books, Dr. Yaniv Zaid is just the right person for you if you want to know the little secrets that can lead to big results – in your personal, business and professional lives.

The Jewish Persuasion will enable all of you who are my readers – managers, salaried employees, self-employed persons, entrepreneurs, CEOs of big corporations and owners of small businesses to achieve the following: 

  • Earn more and achieve more in life.
  • Think differently and act differently.
  • Take more initiative and put yourself in the forefront more.
  • Take greater responsibility for your business and financial reality. 
  • Analyze differently from everyone else the events going on around you.
  • Notice business and personal opportunities that are right in front of your nose.
  • Be more optimistic.
  • Get your messages out into the world.

2: 'Persuade And Influence Any Audience'

How to persuade anyone, anywhere, anytime!
This is the best book in the world for Public Speaking!
Especially for teaching how each one of you,
regardless of profession or experience, 
can improve his / her speaking and persuasive abilities!
Appropriate for every audience, every forum and every setting!


Everyone can improve!! Not only specially gifted and charismatic persons can become successful public speakers!!
Offers many examples, clear rules and simple techniques
Covers all the subjects of public speaking!
This book is now as e-book version - 140 pages of professional secrets !!!

Persuade And Influence Any Audience - teaches, in a light and clear language, how each one of us, regardless of profession or experience in public speaking, can improve his/her speaking and persuasive abilities. The book, which is based on the international and successful “Debate” method, includes numerous examples, clear rules and simple techniques which are suitable for all kinds of speakers, in every forum and framework. 

The book “Persuade And Influence Any Audience” deals with all the components of the theory of speech and persuasion – writing a speech, matching the speech to the a target audience, sharpening of messages, presentation methods, posture and body language, keeping track of time, and more.

Persuade And Influence Any Audience – is suitable for any kind of public speaking, from large events with many participants like in cases of lecturers speaking in front of students or politicians at election rallies, to smaller gatherings like parents congratulating their children, junior commanders instructing their soldiers or office managers directing their staff.

Persuade And Influence Any Audience – offers many examples, clear rules and simple techniques appropriate for every audience, every forum and every setting – and demolishes the prevailing stigma claiming that only specially gifted and charismatic persons can become successful public speakers.

The book, based on the triumphant international “Debate” method, covers all the subjects composing the theory of public speaking:

  • Writing the speech.
  • Appearance, posture and body language.
  • Introducing presentations.
  • Enhancing interest even during the most uninspired speech.
  • Incorporating humor and personal anecdotes.
  • Adapting to the target audience.
  • Honing the message.
  • Persuasive reasoning
  • Awareness of time and rhythm.
  • And more

    About Yaniv Zaid, economist and advocate, and active as business and media consultant to government ministries, to private firms and to public organizations, lecturer in courses, study days and work shops, on improving public speaking, marketing and persuasion skills. Recognized world wide as an expert in these fields and inter alia was placed 3rd in the 2003 world ranking of public speakers.